weekend scene

The first weekend of Autumn actually felt a little fall-ish.  We greeted this change in seasons with a (much-needed) monsoon and blustery winds.  But the weather cleared just in time for us to head down to the bay for a little gathering of friends and acquaintances.   And the rest of the weekend was filled with other menial and important endeavors.  We’re ready to head into the last full week of September.

Sept Weekend Scene

weekend scene

The weekend was so full.  Of course, my weekend started on Thursday night with Free Thursdays at the MFA.  I love that place.  (And yea for Anthony Burrill prints on display at the CAMH!) Then on Friday after doing some much-needed cleaning at my house, we headed to my sister’s where the hubs worked on a small renovation project at her office and I soaked in the pool.  My Pop also had a show at a sweet dive bar….entertaining it was.  As we drove home last night, the sky lit up with puffy clouds, intermittent rain showers and the most beautiful sunset. We’re ready for the week ahead!

Final August Weekend

weekend scene

We were so pleasantly surprised to have a few cool(er) mornings, which meant we had to find a spot to enjoy said weather and the Whole Foods breakfast bar was calling our name.  An impromptu trip to a favorite store ended up inspiring a DIY and simultaneously caused me to start wish-listing a new bookcase.  Curses… I hate that I have champagne taste on a beer budget!

The hubs finally finished a project for the in-laws and I’ll be glad to share it when it’s done.  They are wanting to create a significant addition to their little retro bungalow and he felt up to the challenge.  And then for the next two weekends he’ll be helping out my sis by doing a little office remodel in her office.  Soon, maybe, we’ll finish what we started around here 3 months ago…

And I’ve got my own creative/maker stuff brewing too…we’ll see how it all turns out.

Late Summer Weekend

weekend scene

A productive weekend by all accounts.  This place continues to shape up.  I did some promising research about my new business. The house got cleaned; I even found time to try a new medium (pastels).  The fam came over on Saturday to celebrate a belated birthday dinner.  And Sunday saw a 3-hour power nap!  Week old flowers still blooming, toasted sandwiches, presents unwrapped (and enjoyed by the kitty)…nothing extraordinary, but a good weekend indeed.

Weekend Scene July

weekend scene

Finally… back to “normal”.  (Well what exactly is normal around here?!)  Apparently normal is having the hubs surprise me with flowers in an unexpected place (my jeep! and filling it up for me! I hate having to stop for gas!)  Not so normal is eating out at a favorite restaurant… but it was delicious.  They have in fact changed their name, but the menu is the basically the same.  Lucky for us!  We also spent most of Saturday running errands looking for materials to make/build more furniture and to complete this mess of a project we started 4 weeks ago.  And part of that clean-up effort also included hanging some much needed curtains for our new closet.  Brad says that our new closet looks like a boutique retail store… and I can’t disagree or say that I don’t like it.  It’s not necessarily better than where/what it was before, it’s just different.  And we needed something different.  Because different is normal around here….

July Weekend Scene

weekend scene

April Scenes

I couldn’t quite get it together to look through my weekend pics last night.  It was our first weekend sans school pressure in nearly three years and so we made the most of our time together.  But interestingly we weren’t quite in sync (yet).  Our sleep schedule has been off for some time and so when we actually went to bed at the same time, it kind of threw me off.  Neither one of us slept all that well; especially with our little kitty waking us up periodically too.  It was a funky weekend weather wise too.  It rained and rained on Saturday and didn’t quit until early Sunday morning.  I love spring storms though; the lightening and thunder were strangely comforting.

We did start off great though.  Thursday evening we went for a nice long walk to the grocery store, and the hubs literally stopped to smell all the roses in bloom.  Plus, we got cake to celebrate our new freedom.  Friday night we finally used a coupon for Alamo Drafthouse.  So fun.  Dinner and a movie in one place; the food was pretty good, but better yet, I had wine with my flick.  And the servers really were discrete and didn’t disturb the movie at all.

Saturday I had to mentally prepare myself to go to… the mall.  I am looking for the perfect walk-all-day-in-the-city-shoe.  No luck yet.  (More on that later, I’m sure.) While we were inside it’s started pouring and didn’t let up.  It rained so much that we ended up having to cancel dinner plans with friends; so instead we watched a movie and cooked at home…all while it stormed.  All that rain made for a beautiful sunrise/moon-set on Sunday morning.  And then we finally made our way to the hubs’ studio to clean out his space… for good!  It still feels surreal.

This new life is going to take some getting used to for sure.

words cannot express

He did it!!!!!  The hubs has completed his FINAL architectural project for school!  Graduation is a mere 18 days away and a bit of a formality at this point….because it’s over!

My reaction: celebration gif

 His Reaction:  Napoleon Dance

Someone was so kind as to snap a photo of him in action.  Brad said that this was his best final jury.  (Mind you that doesn’t mean it was a great review… it was just better than the last two years’!)  But he said that it felt good to go out on a high note, because there was no redeeming this project once it was complete.  Maybe I should finally post one of his projects in this space.  For now he is celebrating by getting up and going to a paying job and not school!  A great day indeed…

final architecture project