concrete planter DIY

This had to be one of the easiest DIY’s we’ve done in a long time.  We actually made it over two weekends though, instead of just one.  We mixed and poured two weekends ago, and then finally pulled it apart this past weekend.

Step 1. Mix the concrete.  We used one of these Quikrete products (the hubs would have to specify  which one– who knew they had so many?!)

Step 2. Pour wet mixture into a form.  For this we used a milk carton and a smaller whipping creme carton.  We used tape to help hold the shape.

Step 3. Once it dries (times will vary depending on the mixture) pull it apart.

Step 4 (and 4 1/2).  Admire your work.  I honestly had no idea it wasn’t going to have a level top.  I thought we did enough banging and shaking to have everything level off.  But oh well.

Step 5. Give those rough edges a quick rub with some sandpaper.

Step 6. Fill with your desired contents.  This little gem was going to be home for a succulent the hubs brought home some weeks ago.

This was so easy to make I can see giving these out as gifts, especially a housewarming gift.  (Here is another succulent container I made for my sis.)

simple succulents

I am totally smitten with succulents right now.  I have mentioned before my inability to sustain anything green beyond a week; thus succulents are right in my wheelhouse as they can survive longer than most of my attempts at killing nurturing them.  But these little guys went to my sister for her new office space and she kindly placed them out front for all to see.  But I think I really enjoyed most hunting for the perfect vessel to house those little green guys.  The silver was an antique bowl I picked up at a local antique store for $5 and the white one was part of a broken sugar-bowl set from Target.  I like how they contrast nicely with the black console table as well as with the other modern/antique elements she has working in her office.  I guess I’ll have to take some photos of that space some time soon…

parting gift

Last night we had dinner with friends in their beautiful 1920s home.  They are interested in Brad remodeling their basement, so they decided to turn it into a dinner thing since we’ve never all hung out.  I brought over some homemade snickerdoodles and much to my surprise I did not go home empty handed.

Somehow the conversation had turned on me and we were discussing my ineptitude at keeping things alive.  The hostess, a should be professional green-thumb, assured me that she had a plant that I could NOT kill.  I told her I bet that I could and probably faster than anyone she’s known.  I mean, I killed an ivy once for Pete’s sake.  It’s not just neglect that ensures these little life forces meet their fate…I think I hover too much.

None-the-less, my confident friend said that she was positive that I couldn’t kill this plant and to prove it she sent me home with one.  She said she loves to give them away particularly to people like me who should be shunned by any green-loving organization or individual.  I believe that this pretty little purple plant is called a shamrock.  It actually sleeps at night and then opens at first light.  I kinda like that.  Anyway, this particular plant is a seedling from the mother plant that my friend has in her living room.  She said she’s had that same exact plant since she was twelve.  (My friend is in her 40’s now.)  We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath; I think this could end up very badly for the plant!

hostess gift

parting gift