Some Things

Houston Sunset

It’s been entirely too beautiful this week to sit inside and work on my computer.  We had an impromptu picnic and subsequent sunset witness that was fantastic!  I also went on a leisurely morning walk and enjoyed to cool (i.e. low humidity) air.  But here are a few things that I did stumble across and that I want to finish reading.

Everything really is bigger in Texas (y’all).

I have not stopped listening this station all week.

I re-read this provacative article about “having it all”.

I want to take a closer look at this curated home.

My meditation word for the week has been “confidence” (and I needed it real bad one day this week).

A good writing quote to remember (and motivate)!

I just started this book last weekend and hope to finish this weekend!

Happy Week-ending!

Interesting Things

Color & Texture

I’m hanging out with family this weekend, but I’ll also check out these other links too:

This is a hilarious way to identify an artist by his work.

True stories of sultry, southern women…I’ll read it.

This takes “…stop touching me!” to a whole new level.

Wow — So this is why I feel like a failure!

Even as just a hobby graphic designer I can learn from this great list.

Great…now I want to knit again.

Another Brene Brown interview to watch.

On the more serious side of economic things

Enjoy the weekend!

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reading and smirking

While laid up on the couch this weekend, I caught up on some reading.  And on the lighter side, here were two things that made me laugh:

New Eustace.indd

The New Yorker chose their winner for their 2013 Eustace Tilley Contest.  I love this “Brooklyn Eustace.” You can read the full story here (and see other submissions too.)

The New Yorker Cartoon

And this one is just really funny. #truth

poolside periodicals

I love reading magazines.  But my wallet, not so much.  (That is to say, magazine subscriptions are wonderful gifts *hint, hint*!) If I wasn’t on a strict pre-travel budget, I would definitely pick up these five magazines (They aren’t cheap! Hello $11 for that special edition Domino.)  Thankfully, I already have three wonderful subscriptions to keep me company poolside (this one, this one, & this one too).

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

judging a book by its cover

I am a sucker for good marketing be it on a wine bottle or a book.  I am forever in love with this website that showcases fabulous book cover designs and designers.  I can always peruse when I need a little visual inspiration and I always experience a sense of immediate gratification.  I would love to have all of these covers enlarged and framed to take up and entire wall in my dream house.  I guess it would be the second best thing to having all those actual books around me.

leviathan.thumb the_error_world.thumb the_makioka_sisters.thumb jane_eyre.thumb

the_morning_hour.thumb the_anchor_book_of_new_irish_writing.thumb the_view_from_mount_improbably.thumb the_vintage_book_of_modern_indian_literature.thumb

Book Review

Take This Bread – Sara Miles

Sara Miles is an unexpected Christian; a self-proclaimed left-winger, lesbian journalist with an obsession with food raised in an atheist home, she finds herself at an unexpected place: St. Gregory’s in San Francisco.  It is there that she experiences a profound “conversion” as she participates in communion.  She then records her experience of joining a community that she  can’t help but love and hate at the same time. Basically she sees the heart of Christianity as LOVE and one of the most basic ways to offer love to ALL people is through food.  She decides to start a food pantry and reaches out to the poorest of the poor in San Francisco and a very interesting story ensues.

I think my friend Lynn said it best when she describes Sara as a “crass Anne Lamott”.  I always find it refreshing to have an unexpected take on traditional spirituality, especially something that seems to make it more accessible to all.  I love that this woman has a story…a great personal story.  She’s covered wars in Central America, had a child, cooked in restaurants in New York, has a great family and is crazy-passionate about food.

I can see how for a stuffy-suburbanite this book (and author) could seem completely radical.  Her spirituality (and that of this little Episcopal church in SF) is quite “unorthodox.”  I think people could be completely turned off by her or as some have said in my book group, I LOVE THIS; I didn’t realize you could be a Christian and be like her.

For me, it was much like when I first read Blue Like Jazz; an unorthodox approach to spirituality and church is not revelational (for me).  So yeah, guess what: surprise! church happens outside of church.  Loving people, and especially those different from you, is church.  It’s Christ.

But what I did think was great and fresh was her whole approach to food.  I found myself being so envious of not only her love of food (and GOOD food) but her ability to see it as this thing that can cross boundaries.  I wish I was that passionate about food.  Fortunately for me several people in my immediate circle of friends and family are very passionate about good food and therefore I receive their spoils; however unfortunately for me I’m totally an Eat to Live person.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy good food, I’m just not willing to put in the effort that my husband will to tickle my palate with delicacies most do not.

But that’s the thing with this author, even though she’s a total foodie, she still makes it accessible to all.  I think I can only be so insouccient about food because I’ve never been in a place of want.  I’ve always had it.  I’ve never had to go without this most basic need.  And I wish I could syphon some of her passion about feeding people.

I like knowing there are people like her out there doing things that I would not think of.  A good read indeed.


(purchase from your local bookstore)

i survived…

…although I may have been mistaken for a vampire for the last 3 days.  Having spent such intimate time with the Cullen Family I seemed to pick up some of their habits.  I didn’t move much, ate less, and really didn’t sleep.  I guess I was anxious to get through them all.  It’s just how I read the Harry Potter series.  I guess it’s a good thing that I read each HP book as it was distributed rather than in one shot.  I certainly didn’t mean to isolate myself per se… This is one of the reasons I really don’t ever read fiction.  It’s like watching a movie for me and I hate being interrupted.  I think a better comparison made by my husband is that it was like watching a t.v. series on dvd.  You just don’t want to stop.  You know you can get the information you want immediately…if you’re willing to commit.

So…the story.  Hmm.  I’m not real sure where to begin.  My sis and I agree that the order we like the books is 1,4,3,2.  So making through the second one on Friday was annoying.  I’m just glad that she too had read them (this weekend) so that I could debrief all this madness in my head.  They are worth reading when you need an EASY read that flows and keeps you occupied.  Bring it on your next vacation to the beach.   But be forewarned…you’ll want to finish the series.  That darn, dreamy Edward Cullen gets in your head and …

twilight saga books