Parting Thought(s)

I come to this nearly abandoned space without apology.  This election has been too big to remain a silent participant.

I have been sitting with my thoughts for two days.  I have so many it’s hard to make sense of them.  But I process with words.  These are just a few.

There is so much grief.

For the nearly 9 years I’ve been present in this space, I have yet to overtly voice my political opinion.  I seem to be able to wax on and on about design, dinners, and days in the sun.  I’ve alluded to my political leanings with quotes and hints at how I volunteer my time.  I can say the same for my religious affiliation.  I believe this quote; but now is the time for words. Words matter; they have weight and meaning. In this space I’ve not wanted to offend nor seem intolerant, never wanting to be lumped into one group or category and labeled just a demographic box.  But every day millions of my fellow citizens who are anything other than “white” wake up to such a reality — a demographic box.  And they are terrified…. as am I.

In recent weeks I heard someone say “liberals take Trump literally but not seriously and conservatives take Trump seriously but not literally.”  I’m still processing this pithy summary.  But how are we NOT supposed to take him literally when he seemed to repeat the same horrible things?  History will be the final judge; however, that is little comfort for those of us here and now.


listen up

We’ve recently changed up our Sunday morning routine — and I like it.  The alarm goes off at 5:45 and the first thing I do after I manage to not fall crawl down the ladder is grab the radio remote and hit the power button as I stumble to the bathroom.  After catching news highlights, one of my favorite new shows begins.  It’s called On Being.  Krista Tippett is the host and she’s moderating discussions on topics that typically don’t lend themselves to civility and grace.   Per their website, “On Being is a spacious conversation — and an evolving media space — about the big questions at the center of human life, from the boldest new science of the human brain to the most ancient traditions of the human spirit.” It’s an hour-long program so we always miss the second half; but for the last 5 weeks I have gone home Sunday afternoon and downloaded the rest of the days discussion to continue to engage my own thoughts.  I’ve even downloaded the podcast so I can listen to it during my long Monday morning commute.   A show about meaningful things, delivered in a meaningful way… I’m in.

looking up

This photography project by David Stephenson is right in our  wheelhouse.  It’s always a good piece of advice when experiencing a new space, look up.  I love the perspective Stephenson used — straight on from the middle.  Being a lover of organization, symmetry, and the like — I love the beauty in these divinely geometric spaces; the patterns and repetition speaking somewhat to the infinite nature of God (and damn good architecture!)

Lucky for me all these images and more are in a wonderful book!

religion + design

I’ve blogged before about an intersection of religion and design (I still love those beautiful prints!) and a little while back I was introduced to the work of a contemporary graphic designer who took on  a bit of a personal challenge artistically and spiritually.  Using the artist’s own words, Jim LePage states:

In January of 2010, after 6 years as a graphic designer, I decided to finally put together a portfolio web site. As a way to hone my design chops and to have continually fresh content on my site, I decided I’d do some type of weekly themed design series. And being the beginning of the year, I was of course thinking about how I wanted to read the Bible more. So I thought, why not combine Bible reading (B-O-R-I-N-G) with something I’m passionate about (DESIGN!). And that is how Word came about.

I find his designs thoughtful and honest; and religious affiliation aside — good design is good design.  I have so very much enjoyed flipping though his 91 designs and particularly his often hilarious (and spot on!) commentary about that particular book/print.  Here are a few of my favorites and click through to go directly to Jim’s website.

See all 91 here; all images/designs Jim LePage.  Kudos Mr. Lepage, Kudos.

so it begins

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of my annual “spiritual cleanse.”  This year I’ll be reading a book by Lauren Winner: Mudhouse Sabbath.  I don’t really know anything about it, so fortunately, I don’t have any preconceived notions.  As previously mentioned in this space, I find it interesting that for the last 3+ weekends I have been purging and purging all the extra *stuff* in the apartment.  (Plus some serious organizing.)  It wasn’t until Monday when I realized that I have also just done a major overhaul of our finances and we’ve made a few big decisions, financially speaking.  And all of this has finally come to rest — pointedly on the week of the beginning of Lent.  It’s as if I was preparing for something without even knowing it.  Since my physical house and financial house are now in order, it only makes sense to have my personal body/mind go through a similar process.

This year I’m not going to set myself up for failure and set a goal of going vegan or something so extreme, but rather I will continue with my regular Lenten vow (no milk) and I want to try to incorporate other things too… but without a rigid set of rules.  I just want to be open, clear, focused, and present for the next 46 days.  We’ll just have to see what comes…

[my other Lenten book review]

weekend scene

We enjoyed thunderstorms and sunshine.  Cool breezes and warm sun.  B has a big project due today, so he spent most of his weekend model making and computer clicking.  I, on the other hand, continued my weekend routine of cleaning, organizing, and purging.  I think I’m finally done… for now.  We also enjoyed a wonderful comfort-food kind of dinner (and dessert) since we won’t be together on Tuesday for “Fat Tuesday“.  I’m looking forward to Lent this year.  It seems I have my physical house in order and “cleansed”, so now I am ready for my own insides…


I downloaded a new app.  Kinda fun for making “collages” on the go…