*colour love*

Well, our building is either going to look great or like we were on acid when we picked these colors.  Our local hardware store was running a Grand Opening Special so we decided to take advantage and spruce up the outside of our building.  We have put a ton of TLC into the interior of both floors, but we’ve neglected to outside.  And we’re hoping this will give it a little more curb appeal.  I will certainly post the final product.  (But we have to wait two weekends before tackling this one.)

{colors from L-R: Ohio Buckeye Brown, Glendora, Olive Oil, Dried Hydrangea, Cotton Fluff}

Have you ever visited the time-killer website colour lovers?  Check it out to be inspired and lose 3 hours of your day!

dresser to bathroom vanity

I’m so flattered by all the positive feedback we’ve received from D*S readers about our lovely home-made sink vanity.  We originally purchased this dilapidated, yet functional dresser at an antique mall for $30.  We then purchased a vessel-style sink from Lowe’s and a union was formed.  I stripped, sanded and painted the new dresser while my husband cut out a hole in the top.  We just both guess at how deep we wanted it to sit in the dresser, but I’m happy with the height.  While the top two rows of drawers are not functional b/c of plumbing, but bottom one does offer a bit more storage for our small bathroom.  The paint was Behr “Fired Earth” (or another brand that I can’t remember now) and then we put a ton of poly on the top to seal it since it would after all, get wet.  I thought about punching it up a bit with some fancy  hardware from anthropologie, but I think the subdued silver goes with the rest of our home nicely.

bathroom vanity before

bathroom after

attic remodel (almost complete)

I’m so happy with the way the attic remodel has turned out.  Once we painted the floors that glorious black, I knew I was in love.  I’m kicking myself for not doing it to my own house.  But the homeowners are thrilled and are ready to start moving furniture up there.  The plumber needs to come by yet to install the sink and toilet and then it’ll be done structurally.  I’m pretty excited that the homeowner wants me to make some cushions for the two window seats and a couch.  Joel Dewberry is calling my name.  I’m just proud as punch of my husband and his clever bookshelf idea.  As you can see it is floor to ceiling (which is 15ft) and since it’s tight quarters with the chimney close by, he incorporated a ladder on the tallest row.  So now everyone can access those top shelves.  I can’t wait to snap a few photos of the kids on the bookshelf.  It’s going to look beautiful completely finished.


attic black floor

attic west wall view

almost complete shower project

I hope to finish the shower today.  Last week was spent mostly taking care of a very sick husband, but I did manage to finish grouting the shower.  Now I just need to add a sealer, wipe the tiles clean, and then caulk around the edge and I’m done.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, especially for it to be my first shower to do without any help.  I can’t wait to see the whole bathroom put together.

shower remodel

attic remodel

I’m no longer going to be a construction worker — at least not this week.  I’m going to earn real, hard-earned money.  My former place of employment, the store, called and asked me to fill in…just for a week.  And because I was asked with no pressure, I said yes.  In the mean time though, my Brad is going to be working hard solo finishing this beautiful space.  We’ve picked out bathroom tile and have narrowed down color choices for the walls and floor.  I can’t wait for him to build the bookshelf and have this project complete!

attic before

after demo stage 1

new collar ties


new ceiling and drywall