life comes at you fast…

…I can’t believe I have so much going on right now. I really can’t believe that I haven’t had time to write about it, or take a snapshot or anything. But that will change this week…hopefully. The biggest news is that I was offered a new job!!!! It’s all so surreal, but I handed in my letter of resignation on Saturday. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I struggle so much with being a people-pleaser at heart and I knew I would be putting them in a real pickle by leaving. But it’s like my dad has always said, “honey, they survived before you arrived and they’ll survive long after you’re gone.” I know this…but this represents such BIG change in my life. Change I’m ready for. But change always comes with a cost.

Last week was also so emotional because it was my birthday and I’m always quiet and contemplative on that day. But not this year. Instead I woke up early and went in for the job interview and it was my mom’s last day in town, so we shopped and took in the sights. So I’ve not really had the time to stop and reflect on it all quite yet. I hope to make time this week to work on my mini-book and get started working with the kit I received on the 2nd. I also have 3 new journals I need to christen and lots of other things to share.

But since I don’t have any photos, I’ll draw from this cool gal. I wish I could speak Finnish, but I love just looking too.

a slow start

It’s always hard for me to get back into work mode after I’ve had a few days off. I realize how much I enjoy not working! We had dinner at a friends last night and were home by 10. I was in bed with my book by 10:15. I’m loving all these books about Afghanistan and the like. I’ve still yet to read the Kite Runner, but it’s finally next on my list.

Over the weekend though I did work on my mini a bit more too. I’m finding it difficult though to make time to sit down and work on it because I have to keep all my crafty stuff in storage bins in closets and cupboards and I don’t like leaving it out. Ahh, excuses.

time well spent

I spent some creative energy on making a page today that will help remind me that there are bigger problems in the world than my own. I have enjoyed my time with Women for Women International. It is an organization that empowers women to become their own advocate through vocational & life skills training. My first sister was from Kosovo and she was my age. She graduated from the program in March & now I have a new sister, Gjzide. I love the idea that somehow I might actually be making a real difference in the life of another woman who desperately needs it. I can’t wait to exchange letters with this woman, my sister.

Feeling Good

I have a feeling of change…good change. For myself. As I am in the midst of 41 days, I feel like my lens is finally clear. It doesn’t mean that it is easy for me, but it is good.

I woke this morning and did a different routine; we’ll see how I feel around 3pm today. 🙂 I started my day by making these after a long walk. The southerner in me will forever love biscuits.

I also then worked on my mini a bit more. I’ve got so much spewing out of me, creative visuals or words…it is good though. Now it’s off to work.

a new project

I seem to craft in phases. I’ll be on a sewing kick for a while, then last holidays it was jewelry all around; but ever since I worked on (and finished!) my wedding scrapbook, I’ve been on paper thing. This paper thing has manifested itself into a new project I’m working on. Apparently I’ve been surfing around blog-land with my eyes closed because I had no idea that some amazingly creative people have a mini-cult creating “mini-books” or “mini-journals”. This seems to be my perfect outlet right now. I know…I’m a little slow on the bandwagon here, but I’m o.k. with that. Here’s a little sneak peek for the book in progress. I had so much fun making pages and then filling them with my thoughts I could hardly stand it…or sleep. I’m ready to take it day by day.

it only took four years…

…but it’s done. I actually finished my wedding scrapbook today. This is a task that I’ve wanted to complete for quite some time, but I’ve always let something get in the way. I seemed to lose all mental fortitude after I had to come to a stopping point when we moved. Well today was the day that I made it happen.

I found it interesting how much things have changed in four years. Like how four years ago no one in my circle of friends or family owned a digital camera; and also how short my hair was! I also think it is interesting that I remember going to Michaels a few weeks after we were married and thinking, “wow, they’ve got this new paper section just for scrapbooking.” The craft industry in general has exploded, but I didn’t realize how much until I saw some of the first pages that I created; my resources were quite limited. But despite those limitations and my procrastination, I actually finished a project.