a touch of gold

A few weekends ago, I was in Zara and saw the most fantastic skirt.  I knew right then it’s what I wanted to wear to the Stars Dinner.  However I didn’t want to pay $70 for it.  And of course I got struck with “I could make that!” syndrome (again.)  The key though would be finding the right material.  After searching hi and low for the gold bottom layer I finally found it on Ebay here.  It was only $7 a yard!  Then, I came across the top, sheer layer at High Fashion Fabric ($13 a yard).  My only complaint was that they didn’t have it in the “putty” color I was really looking for.  Oh well, what are you gonna do?  To finish, I used some black 2″ wide elastic and made the easiest elastic-wait skirt ever.  (See it in progress here.)  If you don’t know just how easy it is, there is a great tutorial for one here.  But mine wasn’t even that complicated because it is sans pockets and NO HEMMING required!!!  Looking at it now, I would have added MANY more pleats, but it really would have made it more of a cream color instead of what it was.  But, maybe for another day.  (It would be fun to do this in other colors.)  I accessorized with my shoes from last year, a black tank top and this black jacket.  Easiest outfit ever….

a gift received

I love it when someone loves their gift as much as I loved making it — and then takes a picture and sends it to me!  My gal-pal immediately put her new African-bunting to good use on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I wish I was camping there again.  It is one of my most favorite campsites.  But thanks to my friend, I can live vicariously once again.  Nice shot, Fig!

a little decoration

Last weekend I couldn’t help myself and I made a little “happy” for my friend that is stuck in the woods with 15 campers!  I figured a little bunting could help brighten her tent or the dining area.  (I am jealous though that she is back in the same place we were in 2009.)  I used some of the fabric that she brought back for me from Tanzania in 2008.  It was a great, easy one-evening project.

something about necessity & invention

Isn’t there a saying about that?!  A few weekends ago Bradly and I were sound asleep (& sleeping late on a Saturday morning) when we heard a knock on our door.  Mind you, the way our apartment is situated, only people we know actually know how to get to our door.  So you can imagine my surprise when I lean over the railing of our bed to look down and see a strange woman with her hand perched on her brow, shielding the light, looking into our apartment.  We waited a minute, and she knocked again — then again!  The hubs finally woke enough to not fall down the ladder and grabbed a shirt on the way to the door.  I watched from my perch and this woman continued to just look and look through our little port-hole.  We thought it must have been a neighbor in trouble, someone telling us our car was on fire, you know — something really important.  Nope: Jehovah’s Witness.

Needless to say, I was a bit grumpy and even more surprised that prior to answering the door she continued to just look and look with her nose against the glass, interestingly never looking up to see me looking at her.  Whatevs.  But it immediately made me run to the fabric stash and create something to keep out any more looky-loos!

the weekend to-do…on wednesday

I know it’s only Wednesday around here, but since it’s really my Thursday, I’m already thinking about the weekend.  I’ve got an entire three-day weekend of nothing planned…so far.  My crafty wheels have been spinning as I know the hubs will be busy prepping for his last week of school (woo-who!).  The list in my head keeps growing, but I’ve got no shortage of projects that need to get done versus the ones that I want to get done.  On the need side — pillows.  I’ve got to get them done.  But I’ve changed my idea and will be needing to take back the 14-thousand ones I got from Jo-Ann’s (which I got when they were on special) and exchange them for just 4 feather-ones from High Fashion Home.  However, that means I will then have a store credit to J.A. and I was thinking of maybe doing a little personal sewing?????  Just maybe…  When I stumbled across this super-adorable chevron tank, I thought I would add it to my list.  But I have a feeling that seeing as how I’m not exactly built like the lovely little seamstress in the photo, that I could possibly end up looking like a $2 hooker.

{image by –the crazy talented– Jen of grainline}

If sewing is not on the table, I was thinking of printing some photos using this tutorial, making a new mini-book, editing photos, watercolor painting, or just finishing another book.

Or, thinking about possibly doing one of these little projects featured over at How About Orange. The possibilities are endless and I’m excited to see what happens!

{image set by How About Orange — links to projects on her blog}

a manly d.i.y. gift

Even though he shares a birthday with my sis, we waited to give the brother-in-law his gift until he arrived.  I was trying to think of something that was useful, yet handsome and still “manly.”  My idea — a firewood carrier.  My parents keep one next to their fireplace and it got me thinking of how I could make my own.   One quick trip to Jo-Ann’s and I had the pieces in tow: 1/2 yard of canvas, 3 yards jute, (2) wooden dowels, (2) monogram stickers — yes stickers!  (I totally cheated!)  Add 2 hours of prep, labor, a snack break, and photos and you have the perfect brother-in-law hand-made gift.  (Can I still consider it manly even if it’s monogrammed?!)  See for yourself…

making it work

It might just have to be a little D.I.Y. weekend.  We just got some new fabric for throw pillows — I totally went in the opposite direction of neon pop (but we might add it later).  You’ve got to love it when High Fashion Home has $65 a yard fabric on sale for <$10/yd!  For some reason I haven’t managed to snap a photo of it yet.  I also picked up some fabric for this piece of furniture that I have yet to reveal!  The new place seems to be coming together.  We’re really trying to get things settled as our in-laws will arrive in two weeks.  Eeek!

And if there is time I may have to try a little D.I.Y. jewelry.  I can’t believe I just found the blog Honestly…WTF.  They have the best tutorials out there!!!  Can’t wait to try it all… Have a great weekend folks!

{all photos}