architecture of the object

So this is where I’ll be this Thursday night.

One of B’s classes this semester is called “Architecture of the Object.”  The short of the long: create a beautifully designed object, pitch it to a store for purchase.  And that he did.   He and his fellow classmates are showcasing their projects at one of Houston’s finest shops, Ph Design Shop.  Basically Ph Design Shop is my pinterest boards come to life (sans clothing).  There you will find the likes of Kinfolk & Anthology, Rifle Paper Co goods, Herschel Bags, and any other beautiful object trending at the moment.  (If you can’t make it into the shop you can see some of their on-line offerings here.)  I’m holding off on posting the hubs’ project until after Christmas as several will be sent out as gifts.  But if you’re in Houston on Thursday, go see the manifestation of a semester’s worth of creativity and sweat equity.


(Kudos to Michael for such a well crafted flyer!)

to corporate america: stop stalking my uterus!

Some time ago when I was sick with pink eye, my dad inadvertently signed me up for a Target pharmacy rewards card while picking up my prescription.  (He is still denying this fact mind you.)  However, ever since said card has been ascribed to me, I have been inundated with baby business.  It started with a few issues of something called “American Baby” and then onto Target coupons for maternity clothes and baby-esque things. I finally wrote to American Baby and asked them to stop sending me their junk mail magazine (but I have still received more issues).  Then came an onslaught of “Babies-R-Us” fliers and coupons.  To the recycle bin it all went… until last week.  Much to my surprise, I found a sizable package addressed to me on the porch.  Having not ordered anything myself, I was giddy with joy thinking someone decided to surprise me!  Well, the pastel lavender package should have been an immediate dead giveaway.  One quick flip of the box and I knew this was no gift for me, it was rather, a gift to my Corporate American Consumer identity.

According to this super-scary article about the tracking habits of Corporate America (and specifically Target) I should be having a baby.  I mean, they now know my age (a shocking 34!), my meds that I take (for a wonky thyroid), and that on my last trip to Target my purchases included a frozen (albeit organic) pizza, bottle of wine, and cookie dough.  That doesn’t exactly scream new-mom-in-the-making material to me.  But apparently these purchases along with my age and income (which they know!) have sent out smoke signals that “IT’S TIME!”

Well I’ve got news for you Corporate America, if a dying old woman with ties directly to the center of my heart can’t convince me to have a baby — then neither can you, even with all your fancy marketing material.  Lord knows I’m a sucker for good packaging and the big red box store will continue to suck me in with its affordable, semi-trendy designer goods, and newly-expanded-grocery-section (hallelujah!), BUT you cannot trick me into having a baby — or even thinking that I want one.  If anything, you are just continually reminding me of exactly why we have chosen to not reproduce.

Look, it’s not you — it’s me.  So you can stop wasting all that paper and packaging.  It’s not going to happen — at least not because of you or on your time-table.  When and if the time does come for us to make that decision, we will not be consulting the aisles of Target, Babies R Us, or any other store that sells STUFF.  Oh, and you might want to tell the tracking people that they missed they mark because pre-baby stuff has given way to post-baby stuff — starting with the TWO FREE jars of formula that were sitting on my porch last week.  (Well, maybe it was the wine that gave it away after all. I guess I will be getting a breast pump coupon next!)

discovering discovery

One of our weekend surprises I mentioned yesterday was a trip to the country, specifically a visit to Gonzales, Texas.  It’s one of those middle-of-nowhere Texas towns full of treasures.  Our original purpose for the trip was to visit Discovery Architectural Antiques.  If there is a building that has been torn down, they have all the pieces.  It is the perfect place to find the missing parts of your historical home, or add some history to your new one.  Also worth the drive was the town’s visitor center, which happened to be the old jail — working gallows and all!  There were a few other shops and stops and I may or may not have come home with another typewriter! (Yes, I’ve got a problem!)

the weekend wonder

***I must qualify that all pictures were taken with a 3+ year old camera phone!!! Eeeek!

This weekend the hubs was braving the elements in Michigan and packing up all our stuff.  (And selling some too!)  Whilst he was in the snow,  I was working hard searching for a bargain.  The sis insisted we’d find the best prices at The Dump, and Holy Moses, she wasn’t kidding when she said they had a ton of stuff and for REALLY cheap/reasonable prices.

Our new space is a completely open floor plan with plywood floors so I wanted to price out a few rugs.  Well wouldn’t you know it was love at first sight.  The one I fell for is a 10′ x 13′ hand-tied rug that retails for just over $10,000 (I mean, do I have taste or do I have taste?!).  The Dump though has it marked down and then on sale for only $1,159!  Oh, how I wish I had that kind of money to blow on something like a rug (or healthcare…or a car… or a house… or a holiday).  But it was just perfect for what I envision our new place to be.  We’ll just have to add its picture to the inspiration board instead.

And our next stop left me wiping up just as much drool because what did I find – oh only the perfect armoire to go with the perfect rug!  It was marked down to $979 from $3,000 — a good bargain indeed, but alas I am still sans $$$.

However, all hope has not been lost.  The one bargain we could not pass up was a Craig’sList find (thanks to the easy button.)  I cannot believe that we actually acquired these two, virtually brand new, 7 ft couches for the rock-bottom blow-out price of only $400!  (Yes, both of them — together!)  We are so excited to see if we can make it work with the two, and if not, we are happy to sell off one and have a $1800 new couch for $200.

Our stuff arrives on Friday and I am so excited to start arranging and decorating!

the real *easy* button

I am a total visual person.  And because of this, I really don’t enjoy cruising on Craigslist because of the list-style layout.  I end up opening six thousand tabs and I’m really only interested in one or two things… if only I had been able to see the item before I clicked…  Enter Craigseasy —  the Easy Button for people like me.  It will change your boring old Craigslist page into a dreamy picture-heavy way to search for your future acquisitions.

It’s super easy to use.  At this website all you have to do is drag the easy button into your bookmarks (or toolbar for those of us who are a bit obsessive) and when you pull up the Craigslist page that you want, like say — furniture — then just click on your newly bookmarked easy button and watch the transformation!

(Just when I thought I couldn’t waste even more time on the internet!!)

{images from various craigslist posts}

school days

I can’t believe that fall is just around the corner.  (Seriously.  It’s August already?)  And fall, no matter my age, will always mean school…and new school supplies.  This year it’s not me that will revel in the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, but my husband.  He will soon begin his graduate career as an architect — in two weeks to be exact.

On Friday, we took off early to Houston so he could show me around his new space and also take care of a few administrative details.  As we walked around the architecture building, I could see it on his face, the hope of not only getting started on his career but the inspiration of possibility.  Six months ago, we would have never thought we would be living in Texas for the next three years, so who knows what will transpire during the next few years and upon completion of his degree.  We are again filled with excitement and nervous energy.

I hope to “decorate” his personal studio space with a few special items.  Maybe a jaunt to Present and Correct is in order.  I think a few of these items would encourage and inspire good design.

{all images P&C}

High Fashion Houston

Houston was fun, especially since we went to High Fashion Home.  Oh-so-help-me!  It is the most amazing home store ever.  Four floors of fabric, furniture, and all kinds of home goodness.  It is by far the best store of its kind.  I really thought we had been there for about an hour when my husband finally said he was getting hungry and I realized it had been 4 hours!  Don’t even get me started on the time spend across the street at High Fashion Fabrics – move over Mood!

{check out their blog}