leaving his mark

After four years I still find the ubiquitous kissing dutch people amusing and worthy of a little snicker.  My husband who is originally from this area has been ‘adjusting’ the iconic couple since he was little.  I love that every time we go to his grandmother’s cottage, he makes sure that she knows he was there.

So we just couldn’t pack up our last Labor Day at the cottage without his usual signature.  I’m 31, I’ve seen him do it for 5 years now… and I still think it’s funny.

kissing dutch kids 2

summer send-off

We said good-bye to summer today.  And we did it with perfect weather: 80 and sunny.  The lake was a buzz with people taking their final runs on skis, wake-boards, and tubes.  Others were pulling out the docks and boat lifts.  I’m always surprised at how many people see Labor Day as something of an end.  I guess because where I’m from it’ll be hot until January, Labor Day has always been just a nice long weekend right after school started.  But here in Michigan, it is the impetus of the changing seasons.  Although we will still have sunny, warm days, something is different.  Folks are preparing for their impending hibernation and subsequent absence from unscheduled community activity.  Maybe that’s why Labor Day is special; it is the last time for neighborhood bar-b-q’s, impromptu card games, bonfires in swimsuits, lounging on the boat, and staying out past dark.  It is, in essence, the last hurrah.

sunset on Lake Michigan

simply splendid

it’s been too pretty to be inside.  finally summer.  i can’t seem to find my washer and dryer or the vacuum and mop (or my computer!).  the lure of the most lovely weather has kept me from anything indoors.  productive…probably not.  enjoyable…absolutely!

beach day