it’s over…

I can’t believe there is no more LOST.  Yes, we were one of those people who prepared (and even decorated) for the finale.  My sweet husband decided to make the evening’s menu a thematic presentation of “wild boar” with a mango/strawberry salsa (AMAZING btw!).

In the end, after 4 1/2 hours of television we walked away (tissues in hand) satisfied and yet not, and wanting more all the same.  I knew we weren’t going to get answers to all those little questions (and not so little ones), that in the end of course don’t matter.  It’s a story about people.  People who needed redemption and ultimately achieved it.

I could go on and on about the different ideologies and spiritualities presented and the conflicts and inconsistencies inherent, but those don’t matter.  What matters is that there was an amazing character-driven t.v. series broadcast for 6 years that managed to not only hold my attention, but got me to probe a little deeper each week.  I became invested in these characters wanting and hoping for them.  This series treated me like an educated person, giving me the benefit of the doubt that I was smart enough to roll with it.  This and the fact that I (and I’m sure a million others) are actually writing about it the day after the finale proves that the creators were in fact successful.

Although I believe that B & I have come up with our own satisfying ending, I get why they ended it the way they did.  And I do believe that I have “closure” if you will.  I’m just sad – sad that like all great stories, it had to end.

Kudos Mr. Abrams, thanks for the ride!

***Post Script******************
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