catching up

It’s December 2 and I’m already behind!  I unexpectedly went MIA from this space last week/weekend.  We opted for something new this year.  Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving feast, we headed over to Alabama for the annual Poarch Creek Indian Pow Wow.  I’ve got a lot more to say (and show!) about that whole experience.  Short of the long: I loved it!

Upon returning home Friday evening, we (read: the hubs) immediately headed over to the studio to get it prepped for paint.  On Saturday we spent an unfortunate amount of time in that little box prepping, and prepping, and prepping… then painting, and repainting, and still more painting.  It’s always something with remodels.  This time, it was not only the four random bolts sticking up 2 inches out of my concrete floor, but that the paint (just the primer) kept sliding off the walls.  It’s quite the site to see, paint literally not stick to the walls.  We realized (not soon enough) that it was because of a lack of circulation.  So a fourth trip to Target later, a fan is now circulating air and the walls are dry(ing).  During our trials and tribulations we received a call that my Dad had to be taken to the hospital.

Needless to say Sunday was not spent in the studio, but rather sitting by his bedside in ICU catching up on some much needed magazine time and listening to machines beep while he tried to rest.  He’s semi-stable now and we are just doing a lot of waiting.  Waiting on tests.  Waiting on doctors.  Just waiting.  Pretty coincidental since we began our “Advent” waiting the same day.  This time of year is always so weird for me.  What a paradox we walk in every day.

I hope to post lots more photos of the Pow Wow this week…but we’ll see how things go.

Thanksgiving 2013


There is a long-running family story about the hubs being a toddler and quickly learning to get what he wanted.  His parents and grand parents treated him like any other adult that wanted to covertly communicate in front of a child.  They would, of course, spell out their words.  Obviously the hubs cracked the code and as the story goes, he knew that after diner he wanted some P-I-E; that could have been ice cream, cake, and/or pie, but you always ended the meal with P-I-E.

And thanks to a nice lady at work I received a Chocolate Chess pie.  I had never had one, much less heard of it.  But I figured with anything chocolate you really can’t go wrong.  And for the most part I was right.  There is a bit of a strange hint of some sort of cheese at first bite, but then the chocolate takes over.  It’s much like a firm-er chocolate pie with a light brownie top.  All things I like and not a bad way to end the meal.


{the aforementioned Chocolate Chess}