My Heart In 365 seconds

Just like the first year was indescribable, the second was even more enigmatic.  But thankfully a few days before Heston’s first birthday I discovered the app called 1 Second Everyday.  And that’s just what I did.  For Heston’s second trip around the sun, I filmed him, every day; and with modern-day magic, I turned it into a 6 min and 14 second video.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel at it’s completion, but a project like this is just up my alley.  (A daily commitment, but just a tiny dose.)  Sure, it’s a little creepy to think that I have an actual video of my child for every-day-of-his-life (hello future therapy problems!); however, I can’t believe how accurately it captured all the changes that occur from months 12-24.  I get to see his first plane ride, first art installation exhibit, first word (Da-Da), first slide, first step(s), first emergency room, first play date, first lemon, first social protest, a few tantrums, tears, and so many giggles.  Oh, and getting to watch that hair grow… *love*  To my surprise (or not) I didn’t feel any nostalgia.  Rather, I felt so much PRIDE and HOPE.  We’ve come SO FAR!

I’ve boo-hooed my eyes out and still can’t stop watching.  If you need a little 6 minute  break, go ahead and boo-hoo right along with me and watch my son grow from 1 to 2.



would you take a DNA test?

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article about the art direction/marketing for a genetic testing company.  Instead of leaning towards the  super-sci-fi ( a la Minority Report) they went with the “I’m your friendly neighbor and, oh yeah, science is fun” approach.    As soon as I saw it, I felt like it was something that I could easily find on Target shelves.  (I’m not sure if that’s a praise or a slam…) 

23 and me website

Here is one of their commercials:

And as I scrolled through their website, it reminded me (a lot) of the now discontinued Dr. Perricone SUPER products. A product whose packaging I really enjoyed.  



So, ethical questions aside, I’m not sure if I’m their target audience (35-45 female) but they did indeed sucker me in with friendly, clean, colorful graphics and that chunky sans serif font — so who all wants a DNA test for a stocking stuffer this year?! 


20 again? never…well maybe

Today is the birthday of a dear friend.  She is 26 today.  This has me thinking about age and life and… etc.

I can easily say that you couldn’t PAY me to be 20 again.  I absolutely LOVE being in my 30s — particularly my young thirties.  (I don’t know that I want to leave them!)  And VERY, VERY rarely will you ever catch me being envious of the aforementioned young ladies; however, I have made an exception — two actually.

Through many clicks and tabs I wandered on the photography site of Nirrimi.  This girl is 17, SEVENTEEN! and an O-MAZING professional photographer.  Her blog is sweet and endearing full of young adult angst.  I am completely smitten with her!

{a self-portrait — a SELF-PORTRAIT!!!}

And way back in 2008 I blogged about my discovery of Laura Marling while hiking across England.  I knew she was young, but good lord, she turns 20 on February 1st!  TWENTY.  She too is amazing.

Oh, to be so young and so friggin’ talented!