a snowy start

What a way to start the year — freezing with a smile on my face!  I had not been back to the Mitten since Jan 2012 and that year, we had no snow until our last day and mostly balmy weather.  Well, this trip couldn’t have been more different.  It was the perfect weather for cross-country skiing, eating P-I-E, drinking hot tea, playing cards, and opening presents.  A great way to start the year indeed!

Michigan Vacation

weekend scene

It was about as Fall as it gets in Southeast Texas this weekend.  But that made for perfect weather for cleaning out a packed attic!  But I managed to squeeze in a few antique shops and shockingly held off from purchasing that little gem of a typewritter.  (Only because it was over-priced!)

After being away for the night, I came home Saturday evening to a little backyard magic.  I have the best husband, really.  We enjoyed grilling and eating outside under some twinkle lights.  And we the hubs also tried a dessert recipe in our saladmaster electric skillet and although I did not think it was as tasty as my peach cobbler — it sure went down easy.

On Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a little bike ride so I could put up more flyers for my writing studio, but alas, our efforts were thwarted as the new gears we just put on our (clearly old) bikes decided to quit.  Luckily we were just a mile from home, so our bike ride turned into a nice walk.

I’ve got two writing workshops and a photoshoot coming up this week….and looking forward to it.  I’m so grateful for my life!

October Weekend 2013


weekend scene

What a glorious weekend! We ate most all of our meals outside, found any excuse to walk anywhere, and I saw fit to make all my hobbies compatible with the pleasant weather.  We don’t get many days like this here, so we have to soak them in while we can.

We are in the final stages around here of B’s schoolwork.  I’ve got one more weekend of looking at the top of his head and listening to the click of his mouse… and then he will be DONE!  Seven more days now….

Spring Weekend

both | and

As I drove into work Monday morning the sky was so strange and interesting that I had to snap a photo.  Too bad this little iphone photo doesn’t do it much justice (thankfully I was more focused on driving!).  The sky was split right down the middle.  To the north and west was a perfect blue sky, pushing into what was an entire wall of clouds to the south and east.  I don’t know that I’ve ever noticed clouds like that, with a perfect seam.  What also interested me was that this intersection was not violent; there were no thunderstorms making way for clearer skies.  They both just seem to co-exist and allowed me to drive concurrently with the divide.

As I drove along/under this weather anomaly, I listened to the weekend’s stories about the Connecticut shooting punctuated with Christmas interludes.  Paradox.

The holidays in general always seem to have such forced ‘happiness’ (i.e. consumerism) that it’s all too easy for my inner cynic to rear her mouthy head and to be grumpy about unmet expectations; simultaneously however, spontaneous acts of generosity, love and authenticity pepper my advent days.  Paradox.

This is the reality in which I live, in which we all live: murder and compassion, grief and joy, consumerism and truth.

I sometimes think living in an “either | or” kind of world would be easier; but “both | and” has it’s place.  I guess my lesson is that I need to remember that I (and others!) am constantly experiencing the paradox — and to embrace it rather than try to have an all or nothing attitude.  This is a good reminder as we prepare to enter the darkest day of the year, the winter solstice, while also embracing the coming Light of December 25.


weekend scene

Our good-bye to September was filled with (much needed) phone dates, a new restaurant, games, volunteering, learning, and new acquaintances.  It was a rainy three days, perfect for spending time indoors.  This time of year in Southeast Texas is always so peculiar: pumpkins and sandals.  A cool front blew through and made all the pumpkin displays seem a little more appropriate, but I’ll still be wearing sandals all week.

curse you, ernesto!

I can’t believe it.  My sister and I (+ 40 others) were set to fly out of Houston early Wednesday morning for a glorious 4-day dive trip to Cozumel, Mexico.  Well, thanks to (what will soon-be) hurricane Ernesto, our plans have come to a screeching halt and we had to officially pull the plug this morning.  Looks like the little island of Cozumel will be empty and bracing for the full impact of a storm.  (I hope everyone there is ok — I do actually understand that more than my mini vacation is at risk!) However, I will still be crying in my umbrella-less drink this weekend.  Boo!

summer storms

I awoke this morning to thunder and lightening.  I absolutely love summer storms.  We are over 30 inches below our normal rainfall amounts, so this morning’s shower was a welcomed event.  I love the colors of the sky and the shapes of clouds when the heavens are about to open.  They are beautiful and ominous.  Here are a few of my favorite storm photos from around the web.





happy heat wave

The 1st day of summer? Really?

You know you’re in Texas when it’s 86 degrees at 8 in the morning.  The weather this past winter was lovely…and even in the spring.  But the last 4 weeks have been consistently HOT.  The hubs thinks I’m obsessed with pools, but I ask, just what else are you supposed to do in 105 degree heat index?!

I would say I’m looking forward to heading to the beach this summer, but my favorite spot is no more.  All my childhood summer memories were wiped away in hurricane Rita and there are unfortunately no plans to rebuild.

Maybe I should consider one of these in the backyard?

pool party, vintage photo