weekend scene

What weekend?!  That’s totally not true.  I was fortunate enough to spend Friday cleaning and reading and relaxing before Saturday’s whirlwind wedding extravaganza.  One of B’s colleagues was getting hitched and the weather could not have been more spectacular for them.  But it was pretty much an all-day affair, ending with quite the reception.  Say what you will about this “millenial generation”, but one thing is for sure — they know how to party!  The wedding reception consisted of THREE food trucks on site and a rolling photobooth.  I was glad to get the extra hour on Saturday evening for sure.

And Sunday was full of the usual activities and the weather was so nice that we took the top down on the jeep and rolled around town with our faces in the healing sun!  I finally finished up the edits for a photoshoot I did a week ago Friday and now I’ve got a brochure I’m working on for another business.  And I’m hoping that my studio space will be ready to move into this week.  Fingers crossed…

November Weekend 2013

brooklyn wedding

Well since I’m in the business of sharing good news, I thought I would finally share some of the Brooklyn wedding we attended just two weeks ago (really, ‘cuz it’s feeling more like a year ago!).  We had a wonderful rehersal lunch at Lodge.  Brad was pumped that he could order breakfast at 3 in the afternoon and I was glad they had an ice cream brownie!  Seriously though, the food was delicious and the place was full of panache.  The wedding itself was at a very unique venue called reBar.  There was a bridal suite with plenty of room to chill before the ceremony; the food was delish, and it quickly converted into a great dance space.  All three are important priorities.

Right after the ceremony we walked a few blocks to snap some photos under the Manhattan Bridge and then onto a little park with the best view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.  You might not know it from the photos but we were FREEZING.  It was a beautiful, sunny 48 degrees!!! But yeowzer, my little dress did NOT provide any warmth…. but I sure like it.  That little pink number is a dress that B picked out for me all by himself whilst traveling across Europe last summer!  He’s the best…

Brooklyn Wedding

photographic inspiration

It’s a bit of a secret that I really like to look at wedding photography.  {Places like here or here or here, etc.} It’s a bit of a secret because I’m a bit of a fuddy-duddy when it comes to traditional weddings.  Sad, I know.  But the creativity and access available for couples to express their personality and love today is amazing.  I love seeing how people stage their pre-wedding/engagement shoot, much less the bid day.  I guess though, I like a thoughtfully crafted setting no matter the occasion.  You throw in a great photographer and magic happens!

Oooh to be the talented Jose Villa.  His photos are beyond lovely.  He seems to be able to capture the essence of the moment…and the styling… beautiful.  It’s interesting though when I flipped through his portfolio that some of the shoots seem more authentic for some couples than others.  Or rather, I believed that some of these folks really are  as cool as the location, setting etc., and for others it seemed to me that they were playing pretend for that moment.  Make sense?  Probably not.  Regardless, Jose is an outstanding photographer and I will continue to admire his pictures.

And uh, can I be friends with that couple in New Orleans?!  Because I’m totally buyin’ what they are sellin’!

{all photos Jose Villa}

centerpiece idea

I went to a wedding yesterday (I know, Friday wedding are weird to me too…especially when they are at 4:00.)  Anyway… bride, groom, vows, they’re married, go to the reception.   And although there was nothing unexpected about the whole ordeal, on the tables was a very lovely and unique centerpiece.  I’m not up on wedding extravaganza (or fancy party) details, so this is probably not be a new idea, but putting apples in the vase, I thought, was quite clever.  It added a lot of interest & height to the table w/o spending crazy money are “tall flowers”.  I’m not that crazy about the flower arrangement up top, but I definitely like the apple thing. (Oh, and it ended up at my house because I won the arrangement at my table… yea for me!)

Wedding centerpiece

it only took four years…

…but it’s done. I actually finished my wedding scrapbook today. This is a task that I’ve wanted to complete for quite some time, but I’ve always let something get in the way. I seemed to lose all mental fortitude after I had to come to a stopping point when we moved. Well today was the day that I made it happen.

I found it interesting how much things have changed in four years. Like how four years ago no one in my circle of friends or family owned a digital camera; and also how short my hair was! I also think it is interesting that I remember going to Michaels a few weeks after we were married and thinking, “wow, they’ve got this new paper section just for scrapbooking.” The craft industry in general has exploded, but I didn’t realize how much until I saw some of the first pages that I created; my resources were quite limited. But despite those limitations and my procrastination, I actually finished a project.