Greetings! This is just part of me, and by no means all of me.  This is part of my process, visually and with words.  This blog is 9 years old and sometimes it’s the space where this 30-something collects her thoughts, pretty things, good design, and other general inspiration.  Sometimes I’ll talk about my new life as a mom.  (OK, probably most of the time these days!)  Or I’ll talk about living in a super-tiny 1932 bungalow in a big city.  Or none of the above.  In essence, this space is some sort of creative endeavor to record the ordinary and maybe, just maybe, something extraordinary will appear.


(The real details you want to know: I’m married to a hunky architect — for 13 years — have a 2 year old and currently call Houston, Texas home.)

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, Summer 2013 (before baby!)


  1. Surfing tags for a few minutes this morning and yours popped up.
    Intrigued by the “makeover’ kitchen pictures, I scrolled down to see your centerpiece (nice) and the bookstore.

    A blog reader (rather than the newspaper) and often a blogger as well, I am happy to have yours to read with morning coffee before bolting to the corporate office scene.

  2. Hi Carrie,

    I had mixed feelings about blogging too when I started – but it grew on me and became slightly addictive. I see my blog as a kind of online diary where I log my life (the good bits, bad bits and everything in between). I like to think that when I am old I will be able to relive my life by reading my blog – and also members of my family in the future will be able to read about me. Imagine how you would feel if you could now read the blog of your grandmother who lived over a 100 years ago … well that’s what our grandchildren yet unborn will be able to do, providing we don’t delete our blogs. A blog is a type of social history book, isn’t it? I’m sure if Shakespeare were alive today, he’d write a blog! Now there’s a thought … fancy being able to read Shakespeare’s blog?

    I started blogging myself to promote my book (I wrote and published a novel in 2006) which worked well. But there are drawbacks, because I’m identifiable as the author, which means I don’t feel free to bare my soul! I often wish I’d started an anonymous blog – then I could really say what I feel all the time. I do write protected posts from time to time so I can get stuff off my chest! LOL! I give the password to these posts to a selective few blogging friends that I trust.

    Sorry if I’ve rambled. I wasn’t going to leave a comment but then I read you words: leave a comment so I know you were here. So I have!

    Best wishes.

  3. Hi, Carrie. Accidentally I found ur blog, and I just went thru it quick. I love it. Especially the pictures u attach. They’re very cute and creative.

  4. Hi there Carrie,
    I stumbled upon your gorgeous blog yesterday & thought I’d say Hi!

    It is a wonderful read thnx…& I think your images are eye candy for any craft lover (BTW! that apron you made is SUPER!!) Anyway the reason for my message is to ask a HUGE favour….I am putting a scrapbook page together & was looking for a pic of a typewriter to add to it, would it be Ok if I use the pic you look of your little darlin’….(mine I use is not nearly as pretty as yours hehe!)
    You can reply to the address above.
    Thanks a mill! & have yourself a super day.
    P.S: I will copy & paste this message to your gmail account too, just in case you miss this.

  5. I, like everyone else on this comment list, appear to have stumbled onto your blog by pure luck. I love it. Thanks for sharing the little bits and snippits of your day. And even more, for your creative edge. I will admit – I plan to head out to the hobby shop this weekend and start my own version of a mini. So thanks for the spark of creativity/craftiness.
    A little of my own, music-wise – I found this new song by Ingrid Michaelson last night called “The Chain”. I seem to like some of the same tunes as you, so I thought I might pass it along.

    Thanks again – libby

  6. Hi Carrie,

    I just saw a dresser you rehab’d for a bathroom vanity on Designsponge.
    I have the identical dresser in my garage waiting for a bathroom remodel that is waaaay overdue.
    I noticed that you kept the wood top of the dresser. I thought I would have to trade it out for something more durable to water but I was enthused when I saw yours in the original form.
    Can you tell me how you treated it and if you used a marine grade product to seal the wood?
    Any other tips would be greatly appreciated too!

    Best of luck to you.

  7. Hi Carrie!

    First, you have a very fun blog – bravo! Second, I was Googling ideas to transform an antique dresser into a bathroom vanity and yours popped up. It looks amazing and is extremely similar to the one I’m doing. I have a family heirloom I’m using and would like to keep the wood top and use a vessel sink as well. Like the previous poster, I too am searching for ways to keep the top waterproofed with a lovely dark ebony color. Would you be able to email me how you waterproofed the top of yours? It would be greatly appreciated to learn from someone who has done it themselves.

    Thank you!

  8. HI Carrie,I came across ur blog while checking out the ‘paperpunch’ theme users since i used it for my blog at http://mypostoftheday.wordpress.com/
    Just having a casual look at ur blog made me fall in love with the pics,the arts..the way u speak thru them.And i’m subscribing right away 🙂
    Great going ! Cheers !

  9. Hi Carrie! I just found your site and I love your voice and your style. (I found you by way of Jessica at Civetta.) Take care and all the best!

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